Custom Apparel Designer Empowers Young Men

Atlanta Based Custom Apparel Designer Empowers Young Men To Excel

Most people like to think that American K-12 schools, workplaces and courthouses are pillars of fairness, but statistic after statistic all point to a crisis among the young, Black men of the nation. This crisis begins in homes, stretches to K-12 educational experiences, and leads straight to the cycle of incarceration in increasingly high numbers. In America’s prison systems, black citizens are incarcerated at six times the rates of white ones – and the NAACP predicts that one in three of this generation of Black men will spend some time locked up.

Reggie Jaye a custom clothier and designer, born in Memphis, TN; Jarvis Christian College alumni (HBCU); US Air Force Veteran and American Intercontinental University graduate, uses his passion for fashion and life experience to help guide young men as a workshop presenter  for the Fulton County Board of Commissioners “Empowering Young Men To Excel” Youth Conference presented by Natalie Hall, County Commissioner of District 4.

“It was indeed an honor to be invited by Commissioner Hall to be a workshop presenter for such a meaningful endeavor. I cannot recall from my youth of such a resourceful and informative platform as this, being available to me and my peers”, says Reggie Jaye.

Speakers of the “Empowering Young Men To Excel” Youth Conference consisted of Ambassador Andrew Young; City of Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens; Atlanta Public School Board Member, Erika Y Mitchell and Atlanta Public School Superintendent, Dr. Lisa Herring.

Reggie Jaye adds, “Our young men of this generation have a lot of obstacles to overcome. So many, like myself, must navigate this world without a father present in their lives. Also, they are not afforded the opportunity and resources that this conference provided”.

Lastly Reggie Jaye is quoted by saying, “While I’m always thankful to be of service, I was humbled to be able to share my passion and journey to these young lives, with the hopes of empowering them to excel”.

For more information about Reggie Jaye visit www.ReggieJaye.com.