‘Cupid’ Strikes Again! Tips For A Great Valentine’s Day

By Sharlinda Parker

Sharlinda Parker Yes, Valentine’s Day is here — the very special day known for being, quite possibly, the largest romantic holiday in the world. A day of all things decadent and desirable, women, and some men, love to be showered with chocolates, flowers and gifts! But in addition to the traditional sweet things, this year, try upping the ante by:

• Indulging at a new restaurant
• Hiring a chef for a private dinner
• Booking a spa day

Now, it’s no secret that the holiday can be stressful and depressing for single ladies and gentlemen, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve always reasoned that this day can be a day to celebrate life and personal love – basically a celebration of self worth. Do I have any ideas on how to do so?  Absolutely! You can celebrate yourself on this special day by doing any of the following:

• Plan a singles party
• Take the day to treat yourself to your favorite things
• Pamper yourself (This should be self-explanatory!)

Finally, before driving full-speed ahead into the celebration of this holiday, I want to acknowledge that the holiday can also be (and should be, in my opinion) celebrated with your family. In my household, we all dress up in nice clothing and each of us plays a special part in preparing a special candlelit family dinner. As a special addition, we sometimes create handmade cards for each other. Sound like fun? Well, if you think our Valentine’s celebration sounds like a great idea, try these for a family-focused Valentine’s Day:

• Family Date Night – Let the kids pick the restaurant while the parents chose the movie.  It pairs the best of both worlds.
• Look at old home videos from parties and formal ceremonies – This allows you and your loved ones to reminisce on the nostalgia and remember the love and good times you’ve shared.
• Gear up for a fun activity that will prompt loving engagement and laughter – Consider bonding over bowling, skating or even a game night.

I think I’ve done my best in giving you quick and punchy Valentine’s Day ideas to make this day as special as can be. Actually, before I go, there’s one more gem that I’ll give you. Drumroll please! From my family to yours, I offer an exclusive version of Cupid, one of 112’s biggest hits, recorded by group member and my loving husband, Q. Parker.


So press play, and enjoy all the love you can soak up on Cupid’s favorite holiday.

Love Always!

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