7 Ways to Have Prettier Hands (Even Without a Manicure)

7 Ways to Have Prettier Hands (Even Without a Manicure)

Exfoliate Regularly

First and foremost, you gotta keep the flakes at bay. But it’s easy to with a simple hand scrub you can make at home. (It involves only raw honey and sugar.) Slather it on a couple times a week and you’ll be shocked at the difference it makes.

Keep A Cuticle Pen On Hand

Sorta like your trusty concealer pen, but this guy is filled with oil that soothes those scraggly cuticles (and prevents painful hangnails). We love Dr. Hauschka’s version, which fortifies nails against breakage while softening any hard skin around the nail bed.

Moisturize After Washing

Scalding hot water and soap are pretty much the biggest culprits of dry, cracked hands. Every time you cleanse, make sure to follow up with lotion to add moisture back in. We keep a bottle next to the sink as a constant reminder (and a smaller one in our purse on the go).

Keep Nails Short

Long almond-shaped nails may seem glamorous…until you’re constantly picking dirt out from under them. Do yourself a favor and keep them well-trimmed to avoid unnecessary grime.

Work Around A Chip

A weird but useful trick: At the first sign of a chipped mani, grab the acetone…but don’t use elbow grease just yet. Dip a cotton ball in a tiny bit of remover, and gently swipe it from the base of the nail toward the tip. The remover spreads the color and covers the chip enough to continue on with your day. Then, once back at home, go forth with full removal.

When In Doubt, Paint A Clear Coat

So you don’t have time to paint a full color? Never underestimate the power of a simple clear polish. When in a pinch, swipe on a top coat to give nails a hint of shine. Bonus: Lots of versions, like Sally Hansen Diamond Flash, prevent breakage and strengthen nails at the same time.

Show Some Skin

OK, so this isn’t exactly a treatment, but showing off your delicate wrist area works wonders. Roll up your sleeves and slip on a dainty gold bracelet to make hands appear elongated and more feminine. Trust: It’s the same concept as showing some ankle.