Work it! The Importance of Proper Work Attire

che mia mack_inCity Magazine Style Writer   By Ché Mia Mack

Work attire has become one of my biggest issues as of late. These days, a lot of companies and corporate employers have a very relaxed dress code ( often below business casual), while others have chosen to stick to the standard business or business casual dress codes. No matter the dress code, it seems that a lot of women aren't fully aware of what casual or business casual attire truly refers to. I'm pretty sure everyone, both male and female, has been given an employee manual or has been directed to the company polices at some point regarding what's acceptable to wear while on the clock. While it's totally understandable that we all aren't fashionistas and may not be following the latest fashion trends, going to work dressed appropriately is very important.
Now in no way do I mean to sound judgmental. We all have had days when we have gone into work almost embarrassed as to what we've worn to work simply because we woke up late or just woke up in the wrong side of the bed and didn't have the time to dress properly, myself included. Even as a wardrobe stylist, I often have days that I am afraid to look in the mirror because I know I tried it and would not be caught dead going on a lunch date or going somewhere straight after work dressed this way.
A bad "wear" day every now and again is fine, but your position can literally be in jeopardy when inappropriate ensembles become a consistent thing. Let's take a look at what usually causes this sort of concern.
For many of us,  attempting to mix "work" clothes with "play" clothes is typically when the wardrobe disaster happens. While it's quite alright to mix pieces from these two categories, you must remember not to go too far when doing so. For instance, those super high, sparkly hot pink stilettos are a no-no for the office. Men, you should also know that joggers and tank tops are a workplace no-no as well.
For those of you that can wear jeans to work, please don't wear pairs to work that may have splashes of paint or distressed jeans with excessive holes and rips. There are certain clothing items that will bring too much attention to you when you at workplace and should be saved for after five.
If after five is when you truly come alive, then the key is finding some transitional pieces that can take you from coffee at your desk to drinks at that happy hour spot.  By no means am I saying you can't come to work dressed stylish and trendy, but please be sure to know where to draw the line.
In fact, check out these fashion do's and don't's for when it comes to work wear.
Proper Work Attire Examples For Women
Proper Work & Play Attire Examples For Women
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To create a look that transitions from work grind to play time, swap the coat for a trendy cropped leather jacket for after hours fun.
Going out once you clock out? Leave the cardigan at your desk for the night.
Improper Work Attire Examples For Women
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Proper Work Attire Examples For Men
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Improper Work Attire Example for Men
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Remember: If you ever have to question yourself before leaving the house, then that's the first sign that you probably should change into something a little more appropriate. Breaking dress codes is a SUPER pet peeve of mine, and I think it just needs to stop. We should take just as much pride in our work attire as we do our after five and weekend attire. (Photos by Polyvore)