Feature Story: The Elegance Of Lisa

inCity Magazine sat down and interview Cosmetologist and Business Owner: Lisa Orum-Hughes.

Lisa Orum-Hughes Montgomery AL

Please introduce yourself to our readers: Hi my name is Lisa Orum-Hughes
What is the same of your business: The name of my salon is Lisa's Elegant Styles
When did you know that the beauty industry was for you: I knew in 8th  grade I wanted to be a Cosmetologist! I decided to go to beauty school my 11th grade year in high school.
Why Is customer service important to you and how do you implement in your business: I value all customers/clients time! I feel like no one should have to spend all day in the salon just because their stylist overbooked! I was trained over 30 years ago to understand the importance of people's time! So with that being said I work by appointments, and believe in getting my clients out at a reasonable time.
As a business owner, how do you stay balanced: Spiritual, Family, Social, Giving back to the community: I have a personal relationship with the Lord! I serve him and help as many people as I can draw closer to him....and have a relationship with him. Family is Important to me. I make sure we have family time and stay in touch with each other as much as possible. I support my city in social events as often as I can. Throughout the year I either do hair at no charge for different clients, special occasions, or give monetary contributions, clothes,shoes,etc etc to individuals in need. I try to do something special for each of my clients throughout the year, to show them how much I appreciate them allowing me to service them.
How can our readers reach you: I can be reached at 334-399-7157,334-239-7171,
For those on social media I can be reached on fb under Lisa's Elegant Styles