Your Dot Dot Dot is Not Helping

To let go of all things out of control and to act upon things in right thoughts that you are able and to believe in possibilities when it all seems impossible to me that is living. All other actions and thoughts are a sickness wheel you keep running in. I hear so often I am going trust in … usually those dots are filled with some belief or teaching in some higher power. When you pick and choose to believe or when you must remind yourself that it is better to believe in … then try to control, manipulate, or construct your own beliefs and to bail yourself out every time like a bad referee call by saying” I am only human”.  To work on things means to work on them and not to use your working process as a result that you continue to live by.

You Are Not Alone

I bet this may seem very harsh to some, but oh well. When we allow for easy bail outs we stop trying and continue to keep blaming and pointing outwardly.  I know we all are humans, and think we want happiness and some even try to demand it by telling others what they deserve or will put up with, but in The Living Sciences of health, healing and love it will never come that way at all and the results will be the same maze you are spinning in. In fact, you just might be writing your own 12 circles of hell.

Happiness and selfishness run close, one is dictated by love, compassion, kindness, and joy and the other well it’s not. We can be better together when we stop asking why, and how, and point finger and just communicate with ourselves and one another. Stop starting conversations with how come you, why do you, what I want, and the big one, when will you statements. These beginnings are not conversations they are pain and traumatic expressions coming into words vocalized from EGO.

So, remember compassion feels for others when you have no relation to understand. Kindness searches for different actions never done before even if it somehow resembles a place in time been before. Joy is having it for others when you think you are being wronged realizing it is not about you. Love is to open and keep your heart open to allow all things felt and touched and turn it in and out and comes out love. This may seem hard, but I must say that it is ok. To do this is to slow down your speech. Yes, I mean speak slowly and think even slower. To pick your words like some people pick fruit in an outdoor stand. If you never pick fruit in an outdoor fruit stand then here is your charge to go do so.

When you slow down you understand words that you will use to convey right thoughts, right action, compassion, kindness, love and joy. All these things can be hit at the same time every time. First slow down. Second understand your words you think. Third understand the words you use. Do this we can then get into the intelligence of the alignment of heart, mind, spiritual coherence.

Written by: Dr Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer GM

We Can Help each other, Save Each other