We Are Far From Our Lives

It may be hard to believe, but 9 out of 10 adults breathe incorrectly, thereby impairing their health and exacerbating anxiety and depression. Fortunately, learning to breathe correctly is not a complicated affair.

I have been trained in many science art forms and I truly practice and cherish them all and what the person I have become because of it.. In the art known as Metamorphosis or (Bian-Xing), this practice when working in the forms gives me such an insight to a vision of myself. I have been trying to open the world of inner universe to the close minded for years now. The study of Martial Sciences is a expanding universe. It increases our everything from everywhere levels. I am starting to understand that when our past Sages was formulating the way of motion and energy that they got their actions from the stars in the sky. This art of Bian-Xing is a formula of free-flowing movements.

Is there levels of higher and levels of lower maybe but that’s not truly important. Let your Journey be more important than your results. All that crap is EGO sh… We are warriors of life for the living not this I am more or better than the next. I am proud of all of you who are training in the living sciences.  Your life is so important and bright. Go and be your eternal self.

We are very aware of that anyway; we do not need to cultivate that one. But rejoicing in the goodness of conscious beings from beginningless time that kind of reflection is an incredibly positive way of looking at humanity. One can begin to recognize that goodness in oneself and in all human beings, whether they are homeless, street people, or whatever. One may have an arrogant attitude, thinking that, somehow, one has righter to be here than some other person: ‘My life is more important than somebody of another race, or a street person, or a tramp. I am more useful to society than they are. My life is more important than theirs.’ What does that feel like? Contemplate that. It does not ring true to me that my life is more important than any other being’s. What is the loud ring is that so many people do not think of others or the life of others? When you have intention to your breath and awareness you will join the living and then be able to see the living.  

It is also necessary to practice the living meditation or concentration. This type of practiced is the fixed or tranquil state of mind. The ordinary or undisciplined mind is in the habit of wandering to other places. It cannot be kept under control, but follows any idea, thought or imagination, etc. In order to prevent this wandering, the mind should be made to attend repeatedly to a selected object of concentration. On gaining practice, the mind gradually abandons its distractions and remains fixed on the object to which it is directed. This is part of the living practice.

Written by :  Dr. Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer Grandmaster.