The Watch Maker Watch And The Watch

The Watch Maker, Watch, and the Watch

Time is a moment One we place above and below ill circumstances and ill situations as pieces intertwine the mechanical locking mechanisms of the future and the past, it brings forth a sound reminding us all helping us forget all at once, what was and what could be for every passing of tick tock.

As I said amongst my many tools, I see around me dust, bones, laughter, and tears. As I open my hand to collapse around the vessel, I must be in this land of sun moon and earth.

No single tune No turn or falling bolt No inquiry about thus suffering. The tears, the joy from every interwoven connection possible below the sun has spoken to the moon it has buried in the earth it is to be reborn in near and far time.

At each passing moment a gasp of ideas of collaboration and discuss of happiness. As the turn and turn Through a mechanical place of time where we are pushed aside a moment of recollection of peace.

To see the what and when,

when no one sees the what and where

To feel the Who and how

When no one cares about the then and now

We shall be we could be

it’s never the question but an answer the answer of

Watch Maker, Watch, and the Watch.

Written By: Dr. Paul W Dyer