The Thought and A Beginning:

I am missing the people of the past. I am missing and mourning my mother, my mommy, my friend, my leader. I have been struggling these last few days with sadness. I have been morning her as though she just passed away a few days ago, however it has been years since she passed. I am unable to focus on time without crying about our time on this earth together. These moments of thought take me and puts me into a suspended state of action.

To miss and to mourn can be a state of consciousness and can also not be. Consciousness is becoming self-aware, engaged in the process of collective self-enlightenment, allegedly enacted by empathic resonance. Let’s be clear, to unfold the different aspects of such a complex matter it’s indeed to increase consciousness. To be conscious actors of change and collectively innerve the shift, quality action is required. Leaving momentarily aside the bearing of will and freewill, in the process, one must understand who you are and what you aren’t.

To be aware of how to attain such quality lays open to suggestions. We are dealing here not only with individual acts overpowering the historical time, but as well with a human collective accomplishment bounding and rebounding at all levels, across time and tiers, beyond space and quadrants.

As I stay in the awareness state, I feel that I have abandoned the connection to the sadness I am feeling about the life I am missing. In all actuality, I am entwined with the love and the pain in the action of now and not yesterday. Emerging from different walks of life converging unto the path, equipped with a handful of elemental tools, and endowed with sincerity, patience, and submission, each of them is carrying a burdensome back- pack loaded with tribulations, memories, hopes, scars, love, joys, wonders, and all the usual luggage of a pursued vision.

Time after time falling on my knees and recovering anew, on every occasion reinventing the life and love, led by a throbbing consciousness heading to it coming onto the path of enlightenment or the crystal path. Now and again unloading my shoulders, fine-tuning and refreshing energies at the refuges scattered along the slope of travel. A sort of individual-collective transitional enlightenment is awakening the altitudes of my own spiritual-material quest reverberating in the being: brief, a life within Life I am here and now.

“Let us hear the roar of Gabriel’s trumpet to awaken some of the people who are stalking around thinking that they are alive but who are really dead to all that makes life worthwhile. We must let life flow through us and allow it to express itself naturally”. By Dr. P aul W Dyer

When we are at Rest:

Some of our best mental work is performed for us when our conscious mentalities are at rest as evidence by the fact that when the morning comes, we find troublesome problems have been worked out for us during the night after we dismiss them from our minds. More than half the people of the world are slaves of every vagrant thought which may seem fit to torment them. Your mind has been given to you for your good and for your own use, not to use you. There are very few people who seem to realize this and who understand the art of managing the mind. The key to the mastery is concentration. A little practice will develop within every human the power to use the mental machine properly. When you have some mental work to do, concentrate upon it to the exclusion of everything else. You will find that the mind will get right down to business to the work at hand and matters will be cleared up in no time.

The Next:

Roll. Your thoughts are either faithful servants or ironical masters, just as you allow them to be. You must make an intentional choice, or your mind will choose for you. There is an absence of friction, and a waste of motion or loss of power is obviated. Every pound of energy is used and every revolution of the mental driving wheel counts for something. It pays to be able to be a competent mental engineer and the human who understands how to run their mental engine knows that one of the important things is to be able to stop it when the work has been done.

 One does not keep putting coal in the furnace and maintaining a high pressure after the work is finished, or when the day’s portion of the work has been done. Some people act as if the engine should be kept running, however, the fire should be banked until the next day whether there was any work to be done or not. People will then complain if it gets worn out and wobbles and needs repairing. These mental engines are fine machines and need intelligent care. Intelligent care can be as simple as asking for help or being aware of what you don’t know. To those who are acquainted with the laws of mental control, it seems absurd for one to lie awake at night, fretting about the problems of the day, or more often of the moral. You ought to be able to fix the mind and switch focus onto something entirely different and keep the attention there by an effort of will. A little practice of mindfulness will do much for you in this direction. There is only room for one spot at a time in the focus of attention. So put all your attention upon one thought and the others will sneak off.

Written by: Dr. Paul W Dyer