The State

In my studies of history and human behavior and brain to body science, I end up with more questions than answers. I find that it is ok, but for others ignorance is bliss.

The State has called and screamed out things like communist, socialist when someone has raised a fist, a voice and even writings to The State. The list of names is if a high school graduation was commencing. The names of Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Garvey, Shirley Chisholm, Ida B Wells, Angela Davis, My Mom, and Dad. So don’t be conflicted or confused to speck against The State but stand up and stand out.

What I would like for you to do is have passion for living. To live is to be free from control, fear, and pain. There are ways to recognize which side you are on, but first you must be aware of your own blockage from the internal to the external self.

From the cries of Africa through the burial grounds of the Atlantic Sea to the Crack Cocaine flooding our streets, to school to prison pipeline, we must start acting with collective action. In July of 2022 at Morgan State University, The Caucus of African American Leaders Of Maryland is putting on an action, working base conference for Black Americans in Maryland. This has not been done since 1972 in Gary, Indiana. I would like for you to ask yourself the whys, the how comes, more importantly ask yourself why are you not involved in making a difference?

Very few of the Black America, Dark America, Americans period know next to nothing as a rule about their own history, or the histories of other nations, or the histories of the various social movements that have risen and fallen in the past, and they certainly know little or nothing of the complexities and contradictions comprised within words like “socialism” and “capitalism. What they have been trained not to know is that if The State calls you, it is time to be afraid and to run with mouth closed.

This is not all about White America for or against Black America this is about the power control system that kills without Punitive. This about a State which has stop your brain from being activated because it clouds you with a fear environment. There is no accident in what media produces and reports, to what your environment looks like, and to what people look like that controls the money.

I suppose a social-democratic state could begin to gravitate toward true authoritarianism, in the way that any political arrangement can lead to just about any other. The Nazi’s, The Third Reich, after all, was born out of a functioning parliamentary democracy. The U.S. election proved that, even in a long-established democratic republic, just about anyone or anything, no matter how preposterously foul person, can achieve political power if enough citizens are sufficiently credulous, cowardly, and vicious. This is nothing new in the system of The State. This happens in all communities that people have turned away from because they are not considered human.

In just the past few years, we have seen American neoconservatism rapidly evolving into populist, racist, openly fascist, nationalism. With these famous 1st amendment walls being constructed and many who are not white being killed behind the constitution wall. Many are upset over the Russia and Ukraine, but no one was upset when the United States, The State, bombed a Philadelphia black community in the 80” s.

The power of The State or the lack of courage of yourself, which is the most important to recognize? If you are ok with the long shopping list of what we or you don’t have and what is being taken or eroded away or never ever having, then you are no good for freedom, you are a slave. Slavey in words were abolished, but in practice it is still very much alive. I am not crying for you to change, I am asking.

Written by: Dr. Paul W Dyer

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