The Memory Code

The memory is never gone. These things are said and taught in grief lessons. We have not been educated as Black America or Americans on how to grieve. We were beaten that pain in Black America is not grieving but complaining and conditioning. Just think of what the construction of the slave mind and body was like. They were beaten, rape, babies taken away, children taken away, wife’s and husbands taken. These acts were not supposed to be mourn or grieved but accepted without showing pain. These emotional genetic codes were passed down from our ancestors that was enslaved. The code of ancestors that was kings and queens was decoded down to fear.

Without getting to sciencey, DNA, and RNA are messengers of the past.  These chatty Kathy’s of codes picks up information’s and writes it down like God   Creating the tablets for Moses.  Like all information’s and stories told things can be changed and altered. They can never be erases ever.

A memory and actions trigger and fires the internal chemical reactions that sets off a chain of interconnected neurons that reconnects all things written in the body code.  When the code that was beaten in the 1600s reminds the code that is beaten now mentally and physically in 2022 the emotional chemicals send the same response. Remember the slave mind was taught to ignore pain and to not show suffering. This was the start of our mental deconstruction society. It is the reasons many Black Americans do not seek or accept help with their emotions and feelings. It was taught by the master that it was weak.

Actions Stamps the memory to be coded in the body. From the joy to the suffering, a code has been written to keep as records. The Memory Code is so immensely powerful and the pathways it generates from the pleasure center to claustrum and beyond past and extends to the beyond future.  In our broken code we have created this celestial myopic coronation of our leader and leaders to be some ill-conceived relationship with ourselves that encapsulate our trauma to be manifested in any give White America disapproval.

Yes, we can break these codes and write in our own constructed code. Remember they cannot be erased, but they can be disconnected from firing, but that means you must form a new connection with new codes written by you the creator.

This is the time to stop living in an episodic history. Epigenetic learning and engaging our genius. Everybody who hears and reads these words are a genius and it has always been there, and society knew that beating you physically and mentally was to quite your genius. Stop the war within yourself. Learn to open your genius code pre slavery and the deconstruction.

The memory the time it is a choice and space that we can create an option a chance a possibility. All things can lead from and to a memory without your consciousness of awareness your memory will always lead you away from glory. With your consciousness your memory leads you to an understanding and this is your chance to recreate the code.

Written By: Dr. Paul W Dyer

https://youtu.be/Y2lqopzr-7o Your Genius Is Common