The Black P.AC The Right Time.

Through the history of what politics has been, and what has been done to black communities, and communities of minority. I know from studying human behavior for 35 years you will not and cannot please all involved. We as a Black and Brown communities have not pulled our resources in force ever in the political waters. We have so many wheels rolling out there, but we have not put it on the same wagon moving in the same directions. It is time to do this, and this political year is highly important.

If you have thoughts on why and how, please comment.

We need an unapologetic person that stands and says I will do this and That policy for Black Community. Black Community is not the same as the Minority Community. There is a phone book of listing of fraternities, and sororities organization that is for black America and we have not yet pull together because of EGO and that is why we have been left from the table of political power pieces, We Don’t Pull Our Monies Together. Having a Black P.A.C(political Action Communities) Allows us to an Investment into a Candidate. I hope who ever is reading this does know that candidates have a more vested interest into people who give large amount of donations to their campaign and gives to personal causes of an elected officials. So don’t be so naïve. Pulling our sources together is a fear of the other communities.

Fact: The political climate does not even count Black business as a major factor to ever consider.

Fact: Blacks spend the most money into the economy and get no return in the black communities:

Fact: White America count o your apathy and not being able to navigate the political arena to keep Black America out.

Fact: 50 million Black people in the United States, Black consumers spend more than $1 trillion a year.

We as a Black P.A.C must look at policy and not color. Look at End Roads not streetlights. I will explain the End Roads. End Roads mean the whole journey and actions that it takes to get anything done and not the shinny sayings and trinkets they are used to giving Black America to feel like they are included.  Black households do have lower income and wealth. Despite being 13.4 percent of the US population, Black households accounted for just under 10 percent of the nation’s total spending on goods and services in 2019.

Every state, every county, needs to establish working together. I am looking for your input and work, so we can put our dollars to real investment. What is the point of buying real estate when the politician can block the street or tear it up?

Black America is being studied emotionally and physically to keep your dollars moving out of your pocket and into the pocket of other communities not yours.  Stop giving money to organization and companies that has never supported the road you are own. They are only giving you shining things to keep us away from the mountain top.

The way we can achieve if we invest in the leaders to lead instead of getting hook like a fish on a hook.

Written by: Dr. Paul W Dyer