The Black Backs And Shoulders

Dr. Paul W Dyer wants you to start telling your story. We as people of the sun have been silence by our own demons and enslavement of the mind, body, spirit, and soul. Learn to free your enslaved self to tell your story. if you allow others to tell your story they will wright it wrong and white out your truth.

The stories of the many who have stood tall and was larger than life even after been strip of their skin while tied to a tree. If you have not read. seen or heard stories of our ancestors who spoke freedom while spitting blood, who was strong even while hanging from a hate man’s rope. I feel sorry for you I really do. What I want you to do is reach out to me so I can help you find your truth. The ones who do know please keep reading. The Black Back and Shoulders for which we walk every day of life on I thank you. It is these Black Backs and Shoulders is the reason you are where you are right now. If you are a white person reading this, it is the reason you have the home you are in right now, the light you are able to see with, the countless inventions Black Backs and Shoulders built for this civilization that has benefited the white race, I accept you thank you.

In my studies and the sciences of the living from the sacred knowledge that descends through the ages into initiated circles, influencing civilization through Hermetic, Gnostic, Kabbalistic, Masonic, Hindu, and Islamic mystical knowledge. These paths have awakened the truths of love and not hate, and I am able to fully understand why The Black Backs and Shoulders were so strong.

This knowledge is why the Black Bourgeoisie were no surprise when I read about them. What is surprising is when the story is told through the white American writings there is only struggle, drugs, absent fathers, and violence to be mentioned and portrayed. I question not the source but the reasons why any traditional system or religion for that matter, without also being aware of the intersection of social class, gender, and ethnicity of the person telling the stories. The issue is that most systems of writings come to us through a supremacist, patriarchal, social class, and colonialist lens. Worse, most stories told are specially muddied or intentionally designed as imperialist and colonial tools of suppression and oppression.

In this meghalayan age the living has been touted with countless of human destruction, weather disasters and cyclical changes. With the quest and questions of what the meaning of life is and how do we stop the suffering. Know the history from yours to theirs. Understand the process of life from then to now. Tap into your connection to all the universe from the above to the below and within. Through all of this you will have a choice to begin.  

The Black Backs and Shoulders have carried you to your thrown, but only you can claim it through the transmission of knowledge. The path has already been bled for you; it has already been cried for you. So now it is your time to stop the bleeding and suffering by doing what needs to be done.

Written by: Dr. Paul W Dyer