Our Now Reconstruction

This is not a time to be apathetic or lazy in action. We have and have many scholars to revolutionaries talking, marching, crying, and dying and being killed for change to informational truth. We black America have been mentally, physically slaughter, raped and terminated. The White America have tried to remove our spirit and our soul, but only us have given that away to the reign of transfer acceptance.

The First:

The first reconstruction took place right after the 13 th Amendment during that time freed physical Black Americans started business and building a community with their money and togetherness. This frightened The White America so bad that killing and harming Black Americas became sport and a necessity to reintroduce free slaves. Prior to the war there were non-free slaves and now there are freed slaves.


The 14th and the 15 th Amendment of the constitution have been circumcised by the courts, to the point of a new slave was created.

You keep a slave you make them subservient and keep them in fear emotionally and mentally. This continues the indoctrination and slave shall remain.

The Now:

Black and Brown and Minorites are the populist in America, but Black Americans are made to be the protagonist in White Americans minds. The collective Black Americas are playing their role quite well, by not supporting one another black business, by not asking for mental and emotional support, by not contributing to public policing, by not allowing mentoring to one another, and by not politically demanding policy and the list goes on.

The Nigger:

The Nigger will refuse and complain and deny and destroy themselves and the community. At one time we had the house niggers and the field niggers. The field nigger sells drugs, steals, and stay academically and economically uneducated. The house nigger needs to be accepted and continues to stay coded to please and not disrupt the house of White America.

Today we still have this in our community. White Americans know this better than we.

The White Way:

The Paternalism of White Americans knows the house and field nigger will never vote or support one another. They count on Black America to be apathetic, distracted by clowns of entertainment and the paid niggers to juggle your empathetic thoughts. White Americans have the temerity to use the causes of a systematic system to blame Black America for their faults caused by hundreds of years of trauma.

The New Reconstruction:

Now is time to get the mental help we need. Now is time to get the emotional help We deserve. Now is the time to be counted as a political policy maker and not pawn. Now is the time to support Black businesses. Now is the time to get our brothers and sisters out of long exorbitant jail sentences.  Now is time to release trauma of systemic slavery. Now is the time to stop marching and start doing change instead of hoping and praying and waiting on it. The time for reconstruction is now.


Written by: Dr. Paul W Dyer