Mr. Jim Crow Has New Clothes

We have gotten dress up to go out before on that special event or even a special date. I know of a person or Idea that has dressed up for 2021 and his name is Mr. Jim Crow. Mr. Crow has a new suite on and is walking larger than life in front of me and you. Mr. Jim Crow is winning the hearts and mind of the silent.

I was taught the issues of Black America from my mommy and my seniors. They told me the stories and reasons of the past action segregation and absent whites and blacks. They also said there are ways to overcome and beat Mr. Crow and his band of marauders that look to put a knew on the necks of my brothers and sisters.

Time for history lessons and information on the old clothes that Mr. Jim wore. He wore the racial segregation system, which operated mostly in southern and border states, between 1877 and the mid-1960s.   Do not forget Mr. Crow had a voice and spoke to the people with fire and brimstone in a series of strict anti-black laws. It was a way of life. Along with Mr. Crow laws and practices, the African Americans were given the status of second-class citizens. Jim Crow helped to make anti-black racism appear right. Many Christian ministers taught that whites were the Chosen people, blacks were cursed to be servants, and God supported racial segregation. Mr. Jim also taught the scientists and teachers at every educational level, that blacks were intellectually and culturally inferior to whites. Mr. Jim also believed that relationships between blacks and whites would produce a mongrel race which would destroy America; treating blacks as equals would encourage interracial relationships between men and women; any activity which suggested social equality encouraged interracial relations; if necessary, violence must be used to keep blacks at the bottom racial level, and  denying black people the right to vote through legal maneuvering and violence was a first step in taking away their civil rights. This why you hear we Are losing America. These words are to incite your emotional disconnect with Black America.

Mr. Jim Crow believed and used violence to keep blacks and people in line.  The fear of Mr. Crow was so large it kept people silent in fear.  Mr. Jim Crow has a new suite and a brand-new pair of walking shoes. I must say for my own personal thoughts there is nothing that feels soup up lifting then new clothes and new pair of shoes to strut around in.  Mr. Jim has built cooperation. banking systems. education and police stations and fire houses. and even has sat in the highest political seat in America. Mr. Jim is invited to all the parties and family gatherings. Mr. Jim Crow is even invited into minority homes and apathetic whites’ homes. So many Americans welcome Mr. Jim to drive them around and eat with them, vote with them, and help spend their money. How do you know when Mr. Crow is leading you is when you are silent in your actions and thoughts? When you are angry and afraid to keep your material world intact.  

I am reminded with every breath I take the love I pray to see and keep alive from friends to family down to my 9 grandchildren.  I am never without pause to honor life, but I am also very aware how quickly a mistake can happen to take my life and the lives of others, how purposeful others choose to take a life because of the color their skin.  The awareness of love and life needs to be practice by all. In the awareness practice does not mean silence. When you call and honor your awareness it means for you to act and do something. The art of not doing and, yes, it is an art to not do. Is the action of the sleep and complacent? The sleep and complacent kills more people than the doers of hate and prejudice.

The giving and receiving no legal equality are ubiquitous for Black America in all states and towns in the United States.  The reason Mr. Jim is singing and marching in the streets of 2021 is because of the silence of so many Black and especially Non-Black Americans. There is not a story, or a building built in these United States that has not been touch with the blood and sweat of Black Americans. Therese stories of what Black Americas has done in war to building of the White House has not help Black America to see Blacks as equal. The vocal Americans see blacks like you do not see ants.  

The friends and the families we made since creation has showed us, we are loved and can be loved, but it also amplifies the silence of the many who will do nothing and still want to call you friend, coworker, faithful servant.  The hate could never destroy the black people of this world. The prejudice will never cause weakness in our strong minds. What has and is destroying the Black America is the White Americans we call family and friends. The few who stand, march, fight side by side there is eternal love, but I am not talking about those few, those little few. The ones I am talking about are the ones who said we are friend, family and love us do nothing to support or help change the direction of what America is heading and killing of Black America.

The information is here for all to look at with an angel of perspective. We may disagree on some if not all the reasons and what fors, I am ok with that and welcome healthy and open debates. What is not a debate is that racisms are being overlooked and systemic avenues by the blind white America. The system to keep black people 3/5 fifths American is ignored by the apathic America. Then you have trauma filled Black America is feeling muddy and slow to work for change. We are losing on what America could be for all human beings.  

As Mr. Jim Crow sits on the many jury benches and Judicial Seats of The United States courts, and Sits in the United States Capitol, and drives the police cars and run the corporations we will continue to be killed emotionally, Mentally, and Physically.  It is our spiritual connection that keeps us moving forward to the promise land. Do not take your eye off the game to see the pieces of injustice being moved.  Do not take you mind off the game to recognize the enemy who calls you friend. Do not take your love away from this land because then you fall to the dark side of life.  As black America is being killed, white America is getter richer, and the education gap is growing. What we must do is be we. After all I have said and feel, I can say this I will not give up. I hope and pray neither do you.

Written by Dr Paul W Dyer GM