For Whom The Bell Tools

On the weekend of July 8th and 9th of 2022 took place a historical event in Maryland at Morgan State University. This was a collaboration of many including the CAAL (The Caucus of African American Leaders) in Maryland, Morgan State University, and other black grassroots organizations to bring awareness of the Crisis In the black community. Actions taken include letters and calls being sent out to all elected black officials, and African American officials and candidates that are running for seats during this 2022 election, and African American churches were also called upon. These notices went from the Eastern Shore to the West, from the North to the South. The call, the alarm was sounded for the many to join in to solve a problem that affects us all. We can and will work together to develop a policy where that we can give to elected officials to help solve the sickness eating away at our black communities.

 I wish I could describe this historical weekend in glorious detail. What I can do is offer my contact so that you may reach out and ask questions. I will do my best to walk you through our momentous journey so far as well as what we can do together to move forward towards a brighter future (drpaulwdyer@gmail.com). I am also going to personally call upon our communities, community leaders, churches, politicians, and organizations who could not make it. We are not done, and we still need your help. Our communities have been left behind for too long. There are clear problems that require quick solutions. A few of these include:

A. Poor education

B. Dragon prison sentences

C. Dishonest Judicial System

D. Dilapidated Community

E. Corrupt Leaders

We as the black community have been asking, begging for Unity and Equality for decades for far too long. Through history we have bled.  I have seen how Black America has turned on and away from each other. This has been our history since the very first black slave. This is a sickness, a sickness of not supporting each other, of being afraid of the master. We cannot turn our backs on each other anymore. We cannot afford to not show up any longer.

The Honorable Carl Snowden

The alarm has been rung yet our screams were not heard. The warning flares were not seen. How can we ever be considered valuable in these United States if we cannot even unify ourselves? Until we stand united, we will only be considered valuable as consumers and slaves. We are seen as violent and uneducated, so we are still treated as servants. This can only be corrected by the collaboration and the unification of our communities. The system perpetuates our sickness and trauma, and we support the treatment by selling drugs, judging, beating, and killing each other.

It is no different than abandonment when we turn our backs on these communities. We need to show we still care for our communities by staying informed. It is the obligation of every black citizen to show up. This is a fight for survival, and we cannot let fear set us back any longer. This revolution, this evolution does not work without all of us standing together. Our home, our family, our community is worth fighting for. It is up to all of us to protect them.

Written By: Dr. Paul W Dyer