Come Hear Baby

Have you ever had a come to Jesus talk with an elder from your family? Well brothers and sisters I am going to channel my Big Momma who died at 110 when I was about to have my first-born child.  Big Momma would say “Come here baby let me talk to you a bit” when I heard those words, I knew it was going to be heavy and something I needed to hear that I was not addressing or paying attention too.

As a community of dysfunctional people, and yes, we are a nonfunctioning people together, we have a lot of individual work and awaken to do, and as a community we move along like a broken vehicle in a New York City winter. We as people of the sun have remarkable strength and courage.  This is true and has been said over and over again to nausea. Which brings me to my point of how sickening it is to know we are not unified as a people and the data, and the research shows this. We are broken in five key arenas. They are Economics, Health, Politics, Education and Business. Could I name more very easy but, let stay with these as example for now.

These areas are key to the survival of a people and we as the people of the sun are a joke to the others. Who are the others, if you are asking  it is White America. Without giving you a history lesson, the others use us to keep us divided.  We allow this, yes, we allow these factors and data to be a known integer and keep being used as a whole number in White America.  “Now that I told you baby what are you gonna do”?

So I will ask the same, what are we gonna do? When are we going to put the wheels on this powerful locomotive and ride it to the mountain top? I am sick and tired of saying” one day we shall overcome “.  Let Us Stop Being Sick And Tired And Shot, Stab, Step On By Our Own People Of the Sun!!!

I think it is truly amazing we can socially media celebrate the accomplishments of our black men and women to be the first at this or that, but still we have not accomplished much together, and there are few to describe of the things we done together. Hell!! Some of us did not want to leave the plantation because there were so emotionally traumatized and broken. Today many of us are still a slave to the plantation that was created for us. The ones you try to tell, they begin to fight you.  The others count on us to being dysfunctional in Economics, Health, Business, Education and especially Politics. The others count on you not seeking help, asking for help, and helping others.

We as people must move forward. To do this, have sit down and listen. Until we are all free and have risen above, we will stay the house boy to this here America.

The connection is the Living Science of the conscience since it depends on dread and weakness, which comes from not understanding the force of the Self. The individuals who seek security pursue it for a lifetime while never discovering it since safety can never come from material abundance alone. We must put in the work together. If you have any questions, please reach out. drpaulwdyer@gmail.com

Written by: Dr Paul W Dyer