Are You Still Singing  And Marching

The same voices speaking or that goes into a song has been ringing in our ears for 58 years or 200 years or maybe never. When people who were once considered an animal fighting to be seen in the hearts of others as equal, these things are not happening. There are lives lost, lives that are stolen, and lives being taken.  I think there is always an economic segregation that pins the marginal and the unequal into a race or religion populations into a corner. The one group of people we all agree in our modern-day civilizations has been treated inhuman is the Jewish People during WW11. I am going to make this a quick point. When you don’t see or recognize people as humans you can diminish them like the Nazi did to the Jewish People. This theory dates to the beginning on conscious man or when man stood vertical.

As human beings or as people because the term human beings do not apply to all living upright walking animals, when these people do not think, believe, or want to believe that a certain type of human are not human and will never be equal then rational or reasonable state of society is hard to have. No laws or regulations can make people see others as human beings. This can only be done from conditioning the mind or training the whole body of living. A simple exercise I will ask you to try. Trying to see an Ant or Fly as equal individuals. After reading that line did you smirk or even laugh. Well, you made my point, but nevertheless keep trying the exercise. It will make you a human being.

The façade or magic show are the wars, homelessness, jobs, and social disturbance, etc. As an activist all these things are very very important. As Scientist of Mind consciousness, it does not touch the seed of the problem. The term Diversity Inclusion or Implicit Bias is no way to condition the mind. First you must break down the construct and the construction built to keep you believing you are what you are right now. The ones who don.t see you as human being will let you give speeches, and march and even promote you to the highest office in the land, but until you truly do the conditioning the wars, revolutions will all end in the same way. Someone on top and another on the bottom and no one will be seeing the others as equal.

There is work to be done. If they don’t.t verbally support, you then they are against you. If they don’t.t financially help you then they are against you.  From this day forth you are with or against.

Written by: Dr Paul W Dyer Gm