Am I your Black Man, Am I Your Indian,  Am I your Captive!!

It’s not often that you can sit with people or persons of color to discuss the action of history and how it plays on the psychic of a black people who is your friend, lover, father, brother. I think I take it for granted that many don’t care because it does not matter. As a black man and to the people or persons that love me and who have expressed that love for me it does not matter that I am black. I wonder if the people who love me are concerned about being judged or shot. Now for the rest of you who could care less about me yes, I am afraid, and I am ducking and praying I don’t get pulled over by a cop, Praying I don’t get treated like a thief, drug dealer, gang banger, dead beat, uneducated black man. People who don’t get judged would say they don’t care about being judged. We live in community not alone. These thoughts are generated from the oppressed sated of Black America and Ignored by European miss-educated people.

As I struggled for a more precise grasp of my place in this world, I find myself teaching myself and learning from my own journey. My own learning process, I retrace my steps and remember what had been internalized and forgotten.  I can only speak from being a black man on a death sentence who gets scared to drive a damn car to the store. For over 400 years, Black people have in variety of ways of oppression including slavery, genocide, violence, destruction, segregation, assassination (shot by police) manipulation and imprisonment, many people believe that racism no longer exists on a large scale. However, oppression against Black people continues to occur both physically and psychologically in everyday life in one form or another. I can say this with an open heart ” SO FUCKING WHAT’. Do you really care about anyone of us who has and are still being treated like captive in a system of white privilege?

In both my life as a Black Man and martial arts science studies, there is a method of study that has been critical to my growth. I sometimes refer to it as the study of whole life. The study to leave this plane and work on the other, or to understand form to leave form. A basic example of this process, which applies to any discipline, can easily be illustrated through ancient mystical practices.  A student must initially become immersed in the fundamentals to have any potential to reach a high level of skill. He or she will learn the principles of endgame, middle game, and opening play. Initially one or two critical themes will be considered at once, but over time the intuition learns to integrate more and more principles into a sense of flow. through this practice of my life, I have learned not only to stay alive but to learn how to live and teach the living arts. One of many biggest dreams is to teach this to Black America. You say why because black Americans are four times more likely to be murdered than the national average. Can I ask you this question now?  Are you still reading because you care or are you just wanting to learn? My hope is you can teach the many who say, ‘SO FUCKING WHAT’.

didn’t know I was a slave until I found out I couldn’t do the things I wanted.” – Frederick Douglass

As I was pulling and pushing and falling in this life of learning lessons. I have learned kami-no-michi . To clear the mind of hidden agendas and to recognize the fears that is being corrupted by my own self-doubt. We have the essence of God, spirit of life within us. We know from education of the truth that the nation thrives off injustice to deprived and the mistreatment of others. Its greatest assets are people and how to run them, control them, for personal, cooperate, government gain. Even Frederick Douglass said ‘United States thrived economically at the expense of millions of men and women who were not permitted to realize the freedoms and rights established by their country. To be a student of life and the living arts you must become independent and self-sufficient to determine if you want to be free from your own personal slavery.

To stay on this path of life Zen is created through the practice. Zen produces the sword that cuts through the evil of weakness. it builds strength in the fir of energy. It serves the body as a cover like a beach towel serves you as you come from the cold waters. In the action of zen you can feel and see the oppression of the environment. It is aiding the oppression makes wise men mad. In the living practice the one that will most likely not get you shot, creates the power and flexibility to resolve conflicts without anger or the need to win. The practice is both love and harmony, the spirit that embraces all things equally. It is consciousness, the life force itself. It is the quality of greatness and leadership, the soul of God, the spirit of prosperity. We you develop this you will see your skin color less and not think of yourself as a victim of this money hungry corrupt Capitalistic society. When you learn the whole living arts you give yourself a choice to live.

Written by: Dr. Paul W Spirit Running Bear Dyer

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