"Black Coffee" Wakes Up Social Advocacy For Black Men

R.L. Byrd 1 Atlanta Author R.L. Byrd has utilized his passion for writing to provide a voice from the African-American male's multifaceted perspective on love, life & more. In his newest fictional release, Black Coffee, the Brothers break their silence on some of the most pressing social issues challenging today’s black males: Disproportionate homicide rates, unintentional injuries, suicide, HIV/AIDS, disparities in employment and graduation rates, all while engrossing readers with their sordid life tales and relationships.


With a raw and authentic voice, R.L. Byrd journeys into the black male’s perspective of the challenges faced in love and life, unveiling truths to the great mystery of why men act and respond in ways that women are often unable to understand.  As an extension of his book, he's also launched Project H.U.S.H. to encourage dialogue on the top issues affecting black males in the U.S., (Homicide, Unemployment, Suicide & HIV) and has also become a 2016 board member for the Atlanta Boys 2 Men non-profit initiative.

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